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The Ali Khan Islamic Center has a primary mission of supporting individuals and families to allow for growth and success in all of our endeavors.  All of our endeavors are aimed at creating tender appreciative hearts, strong minds, and constructive community activity.  We consider ourselves the property of G-d Allah and as such, we want to instill a love of self and community in obedience to Almighty G-d Allah.
Brothers Hallaqa

On each Saturday Morning the men of the Ali Khan Islamic Center come together to engage each other on topics relevant to the religion, interfaith dialogue, family life, work and leisure.  WIthin the Hallaqa the participants try to answer questions like:  how do I change a door lock, how do I properly discipline a child, how do I ask for a promotion at work, what does Allah (G-d) require of me when I interact with other religious communities, who was Jesus the Christ, how should I respond when I am unjustly treated at work?

The Men's Hallaqa provides a place for male bonding in an environment that is wholesome, constructive, and useful for the advancement of the community life.

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Shotokan Karate

Our Karate Program is a wonderful supplement to the spiritual development we promote for our youth.  The Shotokan Program is guided by the highly trained Shihan Qasim Astwood who has many years of instructing students in the martial arts.  Qasim Astwood conducts classes three times a week and arranges for local tournaments with other martial arts programs.


This program teaches discipline, patience, and self control.  Bring you child to see if he or she can be a part of this wonderful program.

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Friday Jumu'ah Prayer

The Friday Prayer or "Jumu'ah Prayer" is an obligatory prayer service for which Muslims have the highest reverence of any Holiday or celebration at any other time of the year.


The Friday Prayer is given by a Muslim who is considered learned in the religion and is called the "Imam".  The Prayer consists of a two part lecture on a topic that is relevant to the community.  Usually the first part is given as a Glorification, and Gratitude for the Beneficience of G-d Allah.  The second part is generally to underscore and solve some community problem using constructive and righteous means.

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