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Goods and Services from Our Association

Please patronize these vendors and visit these places in the country when you can.  Let them know you learned of them through the Ali Khan Islamic Center website.


Qur'anic Recitation CD

The Holy Qur'an Recited by Aminah Muhammad: This does not contain the entire Qur'an. Aminah Muhammad, a Native born Muslim of the United States of America, is a follower and student of Imam W.D. Mohammed. She was first introduced to the Arabic language in Boston Massachusetts 1975. She has made outstanding progress in reading and reciting the Holy Quran with the help and supervision her of husband Imam Qasim Ahmed. The natural gift of her voice and recitation of Quran has reached thousands of hearts with great appreciation of the listeners. Aminah has been invited to recite the Quran at numerous occasions in the United States of America and also outside of the country. We pray to Allah that this CD will enable Aminah to make Hajj to Mecca in the coming Year. Thank You for your continued support. Peace Be With You

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If you are a person who goes to your computer daily and rely on the internet to keep you connected to the world, then an online subscription to Muslim Journal will place this historical newspaper onto the Super Highway of your lifestyle. You can stay connected to your Muslim roots at the same speed of keeping up with your cyberspace peers. Are you non Muslim but curious of what Muslims really think and how they live their day to day lives, then an online subscription to Muslim Journal gives you access to the everyday Muslim, maybe even your Welcomed Muslim Neighbor Next Door. For the Muslim and the non-Muslim, Muslim Journal online and in print will help to FILL THE VOID, giving information about Muslims and their perspectives that other newspapers will not or cannot. Muslim Journal helps you to SEE THE FULL PICTURE, as there is so much left out of every story you see about Muslims; there certainly is more left on the editorial floor after cut outs and cut downs than what gets printed. The greatest benefit of all: A well informed, balanced public - Muslim and non-Muslim - who now can come to better opinions and therefore better choices and decisions.

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