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Shotokan Warriors Karate Program

Sensei Qasim Astwood has put together an excellent program to teach the martial art form know as Shotokan Karate.  We are very fortunate to have Sensei Qasim working with our students at the Ali  Khan Islamic Center.

Our Instructor

Qasim Astwood has had 35 years of training in martial arts of all kinds.

The teaching of the martial arts has provided Qasim with some his most lifes most rewarding moments and some of this students have gone on the establish their own karate schools.  Qasim earned the rank of Grandmaster, Hanchi (8th) dan black belt in the Shotokan tradition of Karate Do.

Our Students

Our students are aged from 5 years old and up, and each student brings with her/him certain strengths and weaknesses.  In the Shotokan Karate program at the Ali Khan Islamic Center Sensei Qasim helps our students know more about themselves through rigorous training and life lessons. This class is not a day care facility.  Our students are taught to be responsible fighters of the battles internal and external that are sure to come.

Friendship and Bonding

Discipline and rigorous exercise are naturally ocurring benefits stemming from learning the martial arts, however, this is by no means the only great benefit.  Our children need to establish safe places to bond and have friendships develop.  The Karate program helps our children to develop friendships and learn to nuture those bonds for life.

The program has students of all nationalities and of course all the students bring their own flair and personality to the classes.  This makes for a wonderful environment for learning and bonding.

Discipline and Strength

Life requires one to have strength to bear its hardships and discipline to stay prepared for navigating her twists and turns.  Martial arts are renowned to teaching strength, patience and compassion at one and the same time.  


We want our students to be well rounded in their religious training, however, we don't want them to ever forget, this is the physical world - and in the physical world, you must respect your mind, and body, and keep them strong and capable of defending against any attack. 

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