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Ali Khan Islamic Sunday School

​Children learn what they live.  What do we want from our children?  What kind of living do we model for them?

The Ali Khan Islamic Center's Islamic Sunday School was inspired by Karen Lee, a concerned parent of the community who worried about the influence of unislamic ideas on her children.  Imam Raouf and many parents agreed with her and the Islamic Sunday School was born.  In the venerable spirit of Clara Muhammad (the wife of Elijah Muhammad), the Islamic Sunday School reflects our commitment to  shaping the minds and hearts of our youth with Islamic concepts of life and living.


Topics include; Introduction to the Holy Quran, Highlights in the Life of Muhammad the Prophet, Practical Islamic Life at School and Play, Prayer and You and others.  Allah's gift of our children represent our hope and future.  With Allah's help and our patient tutelage, we can help them through the tough times we know children face in making choices in a world that seems beyond our control.


If you want our children to flourish and succeed, help us to guide these youth to see the path in front of them.  First bring your children to the school, and then give of your time and money to assist this noble endeavor.  Something is not working in our society right now, and too much is at stake.  Help us to model the life that Allah revealed to Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, and all the prophets... the model of the highly evolved excellence of the Human Being.

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