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Akhanic Activities

Since we are an Islamic Center, we have activities built around improving the community life using a Quranic prescription and approach.  Look at our activities and see if you'd be interested in involving your family to move forward in promoting the constructive, wholistic, vibrant, and healthy communities we need.
Sista to Sisters

We are a group of women who are organized to think, learn, work, and share with each other for maximal effect; to push and sometimes pull our communities forward towards the great destiny Allah (G-d) has in store for us.  Allah has blest us with all that we have and all that we know - we believe it is our duty to do our best to promote strong family life and values respected by all civilized peoples.


We meet several times a week and would love to have you come and share with us.  Check out our meeting times and we'll see you at the Ali Khan Islamic Center on one of our uncoming meeting dates.

Shotokan Karate

Our Karate program is lead by Shihan Qasim Astwood, an 8th Dan Black Belt.  The students are all ages and the classes are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at the Ali Khan Islamic Center.


Students are encouraged to learn patience, discipline, and of course fighting techniques.  Our students compete with other local dojos and are promoted only once they have mastered the required skills.  Join us to participate or just to observe - we are certain you will enjoy yourself.

Islamic Sunday School

More than ever our children are in need to spiritual literacy.  As the challenges of life are ever increasing and burdening individual and family life, keeping our children ignorant of scriptural wealth is tantamount to leaving them defenseless in the face of an open hostile enemy force.


Dedicated parents and teachers have created an Islamic curriculum to reach and teach our children, thus preparing them for the wildness in the world outside of their Muslim homes.  The Holy Quran is the epicenter of any good Islamic training, and this program is crafted out of the beauty of this sublime revelation.  In learning the practical nature of G-d (Allah's) words, our children will learn about themselves, each other and the community they have evolved from.  With your help, these lessons will instill in our youth wisdom for a lifetime of success in every endeavor.

Brothers' Hallaqa

On each Saturday, the brothers of the Ali Khan Islamic Center come together to talk about male issues with an aim to help maintain the community life.  Our women and our children depend on us, and we depend upon each other - we work and pray together for Allah's help in making our community safe and productive.


If you want to join with positive brothers who love clean living and hard work, then you are the person we want to see at the Men's Circle, the Brothers Hallaqa each Saturday morning at 8:00 am.  Bring your Holy Quran, hard hat, and work gloves!

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