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About us

Our Mission:  To live to please G-d (who we call Allah) the highly glorified and to teach the beautiful tafsir (explanation) of G-d as it is revealed through scripture and the Prophetic Office (Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, Abraham and others) and as taught and shown as an example by those leaders (men and women) who are in authority over us.  To be great neighbors and friends to all those who seek Peace, Justice, and Correctness.


We are Muslim Americans seeking Allah's grace in North America.  Most of us are decendants of slaves brought here under brute force.  Still we bear witness that what Prophet Mohammed has brought us is worth every indignity we suffered in all those years past.  We bear witness that Allah is God and Mohammed is God's last and greatest messenger to all Human beings.

Help Us Build A Masjid!

We are determined to build a Masjid from the ground up in Prince Georges County Maryland.  As Muslims we see the Masjid as the nucleus - as the centre of activity of a community.  Of all American citizens, it appears African Americans have shown the greatest desire to become Muslims and it turns out, the wealthiest group of African Americans finds itself located in Proince Georges County Maryland.  We are looking for partners to help us build a Masjid, knowing the influence will great and constructive for the growth of community excellence.

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